spa – salus per aquam: health through water

The soft light of the rooms dedicated to treatments is delicate and relaxing; the relax area, where you can stop between one treatment and another, sipping a hot or cold drink and enjoying dried fruit and pretzels, varies with the weather: during the day it is illuminated by natural light, while in the evening the magnificent starry sky and candles invite meditation.

The spa entrance is subject to a fee and you can choose the entrance times. In the morning and in the evening adults and children can enter with exclusive entry, in the afternoon adults and children over 13 can enter with shared entry. The spa kit is included in the entrance fee (over 13 years): sauna towels. bathrobe and terry slippers

The hydromassage tubs area is warmed by the beneficial light of the large Onice rosata. They are single and are filled with water specifically for each guest. After use, the water comes out and a disinfectant jet sanitizes them for the next use.

The steam bath has distant origins: the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks already made use of it, and the Arabs with the Hammams made it known throughout the world. Relaxation takes place thanks to the very warm and moisture-rich environment; the temperature is around 50° (at head height; on the feet, however, it is about 20°) while the humidity can be as high as 100 percent. The rose essence we use spreads its fragrance and the sitting is even more pleasant.

The innovative bio sauna Steinbad is more gentle; the temperature never goes above 70°.
Humidity is obtained by passing mint-scented water through hot stones. The whole body relaxes gradually and pleasantly, thanks to the milder temperature and the diffusion of essential oils which penetrate the epidermis, revitalizing it.

Our naturopath Lisa è a vostra disposizione per massaggi (traditional, sports, personalized), reflexology, iridology, naturopathy and Bach Flowers

To relax the muscles of the back and neck area the Kraxenofen hay chair is ideal!
A jet of steam lets essential oils escape by passing through the hay cushion, which is never in contact with the skin. On the comfortable chair with heated seat you can also pleasantly read.

The chromotherapy rebalances disharmonies, giving a moment of pleasant relaxation with colors that gently affect the chakras. In the same room the two waterbeds gradually warm on contact with the body and gently promote relaxation.

With scents and colors, the mind and body relax and the emotional snail combines water, color therapy and aromatherapy. It is in fact a shower with treatments: cold mist, with the refreshing scent of mint, tropical rain with the revitalizing scent of citrus, and whirlpool with side jets.