Mont Néry, the Restaurant

The name is a tribute to our beloved great-uncles Erwin and Pina Monterin, who together ran the Locanda Mont Néry in Gressoney Saint Jean in the 1950s, from which you could see the summit of Mont Néry. Reservations and information: Mis. Mary cell. 3339528419

From 2008 to 2014 Mont Néry was managed by us as Villa Fridau; now the management has passed to Mariza & and her staff who welcome guests in the beautiful room with the imposing wood stove, built in stone from an ancient local quarry, now closed.

The chef Boris Melon creates dishes rich in culinary culture and imagination that are inspired by tradition and use local products to delight the palate.

The restaurant rooms have been lovingly and respectfully restored, preserving the typical living structure of Walser rural homes (for further information we recommend a visit toEcomuseo Walser in Gressoney La Trinité) and you can still feel the history of the house there: the beautiful stone wall original with the niche, the tissues with delicate colors that bring to mind ancient embroidery, the showcase with the beer mugs made of pewter, the names in Titsch (the old German dialect of Gressoney) of the areas into which the restaurant is divided.

Small companies and families can sit in the area known as the Gade (barn), where the cows lived.
Couples are dedicated to the area known as the Wongade (habitable barn) where in ancient times people sat in front of the stove to eat, tell tales, sew, and work with wood.
The vaulted room (Chaer, cellar) instead welcomes large companies of friends and can be used for parties and small ceremonies.

And if you are looking for tranquility and want to stay in your comfort zone then Restaurant Mont Néry can also serve you directly in your apartment.